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SEMI (Shenzhen) International Application Symposium
MEMS, Sensors and IC enabling the world of IoT
December 7th, 2017  Shenzhen  China
The first SEMI (Shenzhen) International Application Symposium(SSIAS) is organized by SEMI, MSIG|SEMI and SIA, will invite the experts from global leading companies in MEMS and sensors, smart devices, NB-IoT and 5G, smart automotive industries, from technical and market perspective, to analyze the Internet of Things opportunity and challenge, share cutting-edge technology and products, and showcase the successful applications.
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Who Attends SSIAS?
Smart devices, automotive electronics, MEMS & Sensors and IC, 5G and NB-IoT companies and whoever aim to capture the value of IoT.
Why Attend SSIAS?
Professional: domestic and international professional and reputable organizers, SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International, the authoritative international semiconductor association established in 1969), MSIG(MEMS & Sensors Industry Group, a SEMI strategic association partner),SIA(Sensor and IoT Industry Association)
Comprehensive: one-stop learning of automotive electronics, 5G and NB-IoT ecosystem, MEMS and Sensors, smart devices and applications, covering the perceptual layer, the transport layer and the intelligent application layer of IoT.
Practical-oriented: special session for experts to showcase the solutions and devices, to guide the development of application.
International: invite European and US industry delegation to communicate on-site with simultaneous translation.
Exhibition: booths outside the conference room to show the new products and solutions.
Dec. 7th Themes Organizers Topics(TBD)
Main forum
SEMI International Application Symposium (ShenZhen) SEMI
  • Situation and opportunities of smart automotive industry
  • MEMS and Sensors promote the development of smart applications
  • Industry distribution and ecosystem development of NB-IoT
  • Commercialization schedule of 5G
  • Bursting point of IoT
Sub-forum 1
Automotive electronics industry chain SIA  
Sub-forum 2
5G and NB-IoT ecosystem    
Special technical workshop
Session 1
MEMS and sensors technical training and case study MSIG | SEMI
  • Show the roadmap and demo kit
  • Showcase of smart applications
  • Experts guide the application development
Session 2
Session 3
International communication
By invitation European and US delegations workshop and networking MSIG | SEMI, SIA International communication to explore the cooperation opportunities
Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities
Please contact the organizers for the sponsorship package and more opportunities for marketing promotion!
Contact Us
Hannah zhao: +86 021 60278571 hzhao@semi.org

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